What Print To Wear This Festive Season

And how to invest in a print that's not just for Christmas

With the festive season upon us and with all the Christmas parties beginning to take place, I wanted to give you some inspiration on how to wear prints and colour at this time of year. There are many different styles and trends emerging, and let's be honest all the sequins and sparkle can be quite overwhelming.

I wanted to share with you some ideas on how to wear prints this season, whilst importantly loving what you buy  with the intention of wearing it again and again.

I very much doubt that sequin number will be worn 30 times, but that's not to say to stay clear of the glitter. There are other options out there so you can wear that party dress. You could either rent, buy vintage or second hand, to still feel that Christmas sparkle.

Buy something that will last, and if not, there are other options...

Now I’m not saying I am perfect as I'm always up for buying something new for Christmas. I love a new print or a splash of colour to update my wardrobe and make me feel good. It is amazing what clothes can do to make you feel confident and happy. So yes I want to give you some ideas on what to look for, and to show you what prints are out there but to also show you how to invest in something of good quality and how to style it in a number of different ways.

'Your party dress is for life, not just for Christmas'


Givenchy AW19

Go on... ask yourself these questions before that purchase.

1. Do I love it?

2. Do I feel confident in it?

3. Does it compliment my wardrobe?

4. Will I always have a reason to wear it?

5. Does it fit my lifestyle?

6. Can I wear it at least 3 different ways?


If an answer to these questions is no, then why not rent that party or Christmas Day outfit. There are so many great sites out there at the moment. I know I will be using the rental sites for a couple events I have coming up. Especially for any sequins and sparkle, unless I know I could wear it in a casual way, or if I was to keep it for a very long time.

Sequins & Shine

Of course I had to mention the shiny glittery favourite at this time of year. Theres always a sea of sequins over the Christmas period but It's important to look for good quality, as it isn’t the most durable of fabrics and can end up looking cheap. Sequins also look great worn casually. Wear dressed up for your Christmas party but wear casual with a sweatshirt and trainers for your Sunday roast. But most of all I recommend renting your sequins, there are some amazing sites out there. I have a blog post specifically on renting.

Click here Clothing Rental

needle and thread
Stine goya

The Animal

Thought you were tired of animal print, well it's not going away and it still looks great. The animal stripe is the biggest print in this trend right now, think zebra and tiger patterns. This print is so easy to wear and can look good dressed up or dressed down. Look for good quality fabric and shop from small stores. I know everyone on the high street is still showing this print, but you want to love it so that it's your staple animal print in your wardrobe, and importantly wear it again and again.

happy x nature
samose samose
Stine Goya

The 80's

I love that the 80's trend is back. The exaggerated shoulders and power suits show a really strong message for women the women wearing them especially in the era we live in now. This is definitely is a huge trend right now and the shops have lots of versions. Look for either a printed dress or a jacquard fabric to wear this look well. I see this look continuing so only invest in good quality and something you love. Vintage shopping is great for this and I've seen lots of places selling real 1980's pieces.

happy x nature
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Cecilie Bahnsen

The Ditsy 

Florals have been shrunken and clustered together to create this garden, meadow look. The more dense and compact the florals the better, from afar it should look like its not really a floral. This print trend has been popular with the 70's look thats come back. It is a great print to wear again and again as it goes with everything. You could dress it up or dress it down, perfect to wear to work and then to the bar.

Stine Goya
Camilla and Marc
Camilla and mark

6 ideas how to rewear your party print

1. Wear your printed dress with a chunky knit layered over the top. It will instantly update the outfit and turn it into a skirt.

2. Dress your party wear down with thick tights and hiking boots.

3. Wear over jeans to instantly make it more casual. Layering is key to any item you buy to be able to wear it in different ways.

4. Wear a t-shirt, roll neck or long sleeve top underneath. Clash colours and prints or go for plain to dress down your frock.

5. My all time favourite, wear with trainers. It can instantly make the dress look modern and effortless.

6. If it's a wrap dress, wear it open as a Kimono style jacket, with a tee and jeans underneath. This is my go to Christmas outfit.

And that's a wrap, thank you for reading. I hope I've inspired you to wear some print and colour over the festive period.

Please like and share, it would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks x