The New Way To Shop Vintage And Why You Will Love It

Less rummaging, more browsing

Vintage shopping in recent months has had a big makeover...

More and more people are selling curated thought about pieces. No longer is it all about lengthy rummaging through piles and mix matched items thrown together in one room, its now all about making more people want to shop vintage in a thought out environment and not fear it.

Like it or loathe it, Vintage shopping  may be a scary thought for some people...

The stereo typical jam packed stores and the thought of wearing someones hand me downs doesn’t always sit well with everyone. And lets face it when we don’t know how to shop vintage, naturally we regard it to be something we don’t like. But with pre-owned shopping now on the up, we are seeing more and more stores opening and they all have a more thought out shopping experience for the customer. No need to be put off by the second hand label anymore as shops are delivering the trends and colour palettes the same as your trusty high street.

Why has vintage and pre owned shopping had a big revival?

As we all become more aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion, we are looking for new ways to shop. Celebrities and influencers are wearing vintage clothing and recycling older looks in order to be more sustainable. This is slowly filtering down and therefore more and more vintage and pre owned clothing stores are opening then ever before. So whats so good about wearing a vintage piece? Not only will it be unique and be better quality but you will be recycling existing clothing and continuing its fashion life cycle. Out with the new and in with the old!

Whats new about vintage shopping in 2019

The new style of vintage and pre owned fashion stores are curated and hand selected from vintage enthusiasts . Stores are transformed into beautiful boutiques. Clothing is put into trends or colour pods, making it inviting and easy to look through. There are of course still the trusty traditional vintage stores, jam packed full of treasures (which personally I love) but give yourself time to look through these and if your a newbie, start off with the new stores opening.

And its all online...

More and more online vintage stores are opening, making that rummaging overwhelming feeling a thing of the past.

So give it a go, you don't know what you might find. Below I've listed my top 5 places to shop vintage...

Laura Von Behr

Laura Von Behr

Vintage beautifully handpicked

Laura Von Behr is an appointment only vintage experience. Set in Hackney Downs Studios, Laura has a brilliant eye for fashion and has curated the most beautiful collection. 

Laura who comes from a fashion and vintage background had always wanted to set up her own vintage dress company. Launched earlier this year, Laura has collected the most beautiful dresses for her customers. The studio itself has lots of light and space so you can try on as many dresses as you like. The appointment is free of charge and you have up to an hour and a half to try on some gorgeous  vintage frocks. On top of all this, Laura is so lovely and welcoming. With a great eye for trend and shapes, you won't be disappointed and most likely come away with a gorgeous vintage dress.

Top Tips For Shopping Vintage From Laura Herself...

1.Come with an open mind and try lots. I can help if you are looking for a special occasion, just let me know in advance. I am on hand to advise and guide. 

2. Choose a dress that you feel comfortable and relaxed in. Avoid picking something that makes you feel like you are in costume.

3. Think about accessories and hair and makeup. To make a seventies dress feel modern and fresh, you can pair it with a minimalist sandal or chunky boot.

An 80s party dress can look current with undone hair and a simple eye. Avoid going head to toe in one era. 

4. Be prepared to make small changes to a dress. If you have a good tailor, they can easily make alterations. Vintage is often handmade with extra seam allowance, so it can be possible to take something in our out.

I often advise turning a maxi into a midi to make it more wearable.



Laura von Behr

Another Matinee

Handpicked one of a kind vintage dresses

Another Matinee is a unique vintage dress brand. Sarah Brand the founder, will regularly launch small curated collections of beautiful vintage dresses. Not only are the dresses to die for, but the photography, styling and branding is very on point. You wouldn’t think this was a vintage brand from a far. Another Matinee is so beautifully presented and curated, making it an inviting and mesmerising experience to shop vintage. Just make sure your on it when the collection drops as they won't last long.

Another Matinee

Frock Me Vintage

The vintage fair to be at

Frock Me vintage fair was established way back in the late 90s and it is the original London vintage fair. Held at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in London, it’s definitely one to visit when its on. Some fairs can be quite overwhelming, all the rummaging and ‘vintage fashionistas’ walking about head to toe in their era of choice. But Frock Me consists of over 60 different vintage boutiques, who have all selected a small range for the show. Meaning each stall is thought about and easy to look through. Im always drawn to the Ossie Clark dresses and its always fun to look through all the vintage Chanel jewellery. One day Ill make that purchase…

Frock Me Vintage

@Chelsea Town Hall
Turner Vintage
Embroidered Kimono

Vestiaire Collective

Pre owned luxury fashion

Vestiaire Collective is an online market place to buy and sell pre-owned luxury fashion. Founded in Paris in 2009, it offers savvy shoppers an affordable alternative to buy designer or vintage at a fraction of the original price.

I remember signing up to Vestiaire years ago but you always needed a login to even view the clothes, making me quickly leave the site. But now you can view the items easily and it is a lot more current. This makes second hand online shopping a dream.

Vestiaire Collective


Boutique by Shelter

The charity shop with a difference

Boutique by Shelter is not your average charity shop. They offer great quality trend led pieces, one off vintage items and designer fashion. The store is beautifully laid out and anyone would think its a new brand in the cool Coal Drops Yard area. This is definitely setting the way for newer charity shops, a more curated collection and in an inviting space. There are no rails and shelves full of overwhelming bits and bobs.

And the bonus is, the charity Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing and homelessness. This is definitely worth a visit.

Boutique by Shelter

7 Go To's when buying pre owned or vintage clothing

1. Give yourself time and plan your visit

If you just 'pop in', you most likely won't find anything and it may be overwhelming.

2. Go with an idea of what you want in mind

Look through your mags or insta saves and head for that. Being more focussed on an item or trend a in mind will be more successful.

3. Trust your gut and your first instinct

Don’t leave and regret that purchase.

4. Do not dress head to toe in one era

Mix that 40s dress with modern shoes. Unless you want to be like Dita von tease then by all means go for it.

5. Try on in the store if possible

If its online make sure to look at the measurements.

6. Get a good tailor or a dry cleaners who offer alterations

This will mean you can buy that dress but have it altered perfectly for you.

7. Don't be tempted to buy anything that is visibly marked

'In my experience, most stains don't come out' - Laura Von Behr

And that's a wrap lovely people.. I hope I've inspired you to give this new wave of vintage shopping a go, and of course to enjoy it. Please share or get in touch.


L x