6 Sustainable Swimwear Brands Who Are Killing It Right Now

And all the prints and colours of course

Recently I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to buy better and buy less...

This is hard working in the fashion industry, trust me, but it really got me thinking how important it is. When we do want something new, to always try and seek out a more sustainable option.

As a print designer in the fashion industry I'm always looking for 'whats new'. However I am always looking for a brand that has a good ethos and meaning behind them. This seems to always be more from the smaller independents, which I absolutely love.  If a brand does not have an 'About Me' or 'Our Story' page on their website, I'm not really interested. Brands need to be getting more personal and transparent these days. This is especially important for the customer to read up on their ethos and know where their clothes are made and how.

With summer truly now here, (well lets hope). It got me thinking about that mad dash we do each year to buy a new swimsuit or bikini. I know I do. And with swimwear, you want that great flattering shape, but also the colour, print or style is what will make you buy it. 

This year I didn’t want to buy from fast fashion or even high end...

I wanted to buy from a brand who uses sustainable or recycled fabrics and who are trying to make a change to help our planet. Some of the prints and colours out there this year compared to last year is huge. It shows these innovative brands are leading the way, with many more popping up. Who knows how long it will be until un-sustainable fabrics will not be a thing.

Marble Swim

Last year for my hols, I bought a bikini from a small sustainable brand called Holiday Romance...

A brand thats story and ethos stood out to me. Their products are made from a sustainable fabric called ECONYL®. Which is a regenerated nylon made from ocean waste and landfill.

I bought a black high waisted bikini, and it is still one of my favourite's for this year . The quality is great and thick, so it pulls you in at all the right places and makes you feel confident. I would never of known it was made from a different fabric to any other swimwear I've had in the past.

Below are my top 6 brands out there at the moment with a great ethos, colours and prints..

Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance

The Kind of one that lasts

Holiday Romance Store is an environmentally conscious label. They believe in transparency within fashion and that trends may come and go, but taking care and being mindful of the environment is one trend that defies all seasons.

Each piece is made from ECONYL® with responsible manufacturing and recycled packaging. Think of all those left fishing nets in our ocean, and then they are remade into your swim wear. Win

Collyer Twins X HRS


Marble thinks the the fashion industry needs an overhaul. Their swimwear is not designed for one season, they make swimwear that will last you for many summers.They consciously keep their collections small and introduce new designs at a slower and much more sustainable pace that's kinder to the planet and the people that make them.

Marble use ECONYL®. Ocean waste is recycled into a new nylon and whats great,  it can be regenerated again and again.

Sasha top
Camille top
Inka top

Tide And Seek

Tide + Seek want to help make a difference to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that go into landfills every year. They use a fibre in their swim wear called  REPREVE®.  REPREVE® is a polyester fibre made of 100% recycled plastic, which is mostly of post-consumer plastic bottles.

Those plastic bottles are grinded down to flakes and then transformed into a new fibre.

Aqua Marble
Sea Sparkle
pool party ready
Aqua Marble

Tide And Seek - Undercover Mermaid

Paper London 

Paper London produce a characterful collection of swimwear thats crafted with care. Each piece is made using a sustainable material fabricated from recycled fishing nets. They want to work hard to keep our seas clean and minimise ocean waste.

With colourful and sophisticated designs, you would never believe their swimwear is made from old fishing nets.

Humbug ruffle

We Are Nativ

With the Moto ‘Sustainable is sexy and eco-conscious is cool’ This brand has an edge. They are a sustainable, ethical and conscious swimwear label. They have a voice to spread their positive message, and want to educate and empower others.

Their swimwear is made from ECONYL® which is 100% regenerated nylon. Waste from the sea and landfills.

Cool to be T shirt
Bohai Bikini
Chiloé WANsuit


Batoko create high quality swimsuits that are fun, flattering and super comfy.  They're also rubbish. Literally. To date they have recycled the equivalent weight of 220,000 plastic bottles into swimwear. They call themselves a micro business and plan on staying that way. They keep their collections small and produce at a sustainable slow pace.

Batoko digitally print their swimwear, as it saves water and energy, and at the same time, produces their vibrant colours and prints.


Wild Cat
Banana Leaf

What To Look For When Shopping For Sustainable Swimwear

1. Go to the brands 'About Page', see what do they stand for.

2. Look to see what fabrics the swimwear is made from.

3. Look for a certified logo of the fabric. I.e ECONYL® or REPREVE®.

4. Some brands donate a percentage of the price to a relatable charity, even better.

5. Look for great shapes that aren't too trend led. You want the swimwear to last you many summers.

6. Look for a bold colour, or a bright blocked next to black. Always flattering.

7. Print of course is always a good option. You feel more special and it brings out your positive feelings and confidence. Win win.

8. Look for brands that are all about slow fashion. You know the quality will be good as they are making it to last.


I hope I've inspired you all to look a little deeper at a brands fabric and sustainability before you buy. And try to buy better and buy less.

L x