7 Ideas How To Re Wear Your Wedding Guest Outfit

and how to pick the best prints

With wedding season upon us, and after attending my good friends special day last weekend. It got me thinking about how people dress for a wedding, and how in this current climate we are slowly changing our buying habits. I for the last two years have always worn a print (of course) but also, Ive always made sure that what dress I buy is versatile enough for me to wear again and again.

It was great turning up to see my lovely friends all wearing either a print or a bold colour. We all get that dread feeling incase someone else may be in the same outfit, I would say if you go for Zara, Whistles or And Other Stories that may very well happen. It was obvious we are all now buying from smaller brands or unique one off collections.

There are now some great new independent brands out there...

Meaning you won’t be buying the same as anyone else. And these brands do not buy thousands of options in that one design, more like 50 pieces and when its gone its gone.

The Most Beautiful Wedding In The Lake District

I do love a print for a wedding but ive also got to be able to wear it again...

Yes I'm all about inspiring you to wear a print and colour to a wedding, but the main message I wanted to get across, is to make sure you're buying that dress with the intention you will wear it again and again.

I'm a massive believer and doer in buying a dress for a wedding with the intention to be wearing it again in a few weeks time with trainers or styled with a T-Shirt underneath.

It is so important, now more then ever to wear your clothes! And I mean WEAR your clothes.

So when looking for that beautiful outfit, ask yourself, how else could I wear this? 

If you can think of more ways it can be worn, its a winner. If it's so dressy and only for occasion wear, do you have another event you could wear it to? Can you sell it on on eBay or Depop? Could you clothes swap with a friend?


How to style your dress for different occasions...

H&M Studio
@Astridwilson wearing with trainers
That Rixo with trainers out shopping

Faithful The Brand


On average people wear an outfit 3 times max! Whatttt...

We live in a world now where the statistics say we don’t wear a single piece of clothing more then 3 times. This is because of how fast fashion has become and how disposable it is with new products landing weekly. I believe social media also has a massive part in this, because people do not want to be seen in an outfit more then 3 times, or even 1 singular time. Crazy!! No wonder we have a huge problem within the fashion industry and it damaging the planet.

So in short - buy an outfit you will wear again and again. And if you make sure you buy more unique piece's that you love, surely thats enough of a reason to keep this in your wardrobe forever.

My New Favourite Brand - Rhode



I fell in love with this brand after seeing it on Instagram. The colours, the prints and the bright orange tassels. Rhode's concept is all about vacation ready pieces. Perfect for an event, wedding or on the beach over a bikini.

It was a little pricier then I would normally pay, but as it was our two year wedding anniversary coming up and it was cotton (2 years is cotton, see what I did) My husband after some persuasion, bought it for me as a present. I then wore it in Lisbon to a lovely restaurant, with flat sandals and a wooden Cult Gaia bag - Wear 1

For my friends recent wedding I wore it with metallic pink high sandals and a beaded lilac Shrimps bag. Instantly dressing it up - Wear 2

I'll wear it in so many different ways too. As a Kimono over jeans, on holiday with sandals, the list goes on. Its a dress ill keep forever.

Its all about buying better & buying less.

Wearing The Lena Dress For Dinner In Lisbon


Where I Look First

When Buying A Dress For A Wedding

1. Rixo - Has become a go to for event and guest dresses. And they are so easy to wear again and again. Styled dressy or more day wear.

2. Ghost - Beautiful colours and prints in soft shapes. Pretty and feminine with a cooler edge.

3. Ganni - A popular Scandi brand at the moment. Day and evening wear, and for the more fashion daring girl.

4. Studio B - A beautiful online shop with a variety of printed brands. All small independents so your sure to find a unique peice.

5. Reformation - A sustainable edgy dress brand. They will do one shape in different prints. The styling is so flattering with a cooler edge to them.

6. Realisation Par - Silk printed wrap and cami dresses. Beautiful colours and easy to wear to an event or over jeans with boots.



Print Inspiration - The Romantic Florals

Faithful the brand
Constellation Ame

Print Inspiration - The Bold & The Bright

Studio B - Stine Goya
Stine Goya

So... Those 7 Ideas How To Re Wear Your Wedding Guest Dress

1. Wear with trainers - This is still a huge trend right now, mixing sportswear with formal pieces. Try Adidas Falcons for the bright dad trainer look or Vejas for a more sleek preppy look. And they are sustainable too, even better!

2. Wear with a T-Shirt underneath to casual it up. A grey marl tee works with most prints and colours and it isn't as harsh as black or white. For the daring, a clashy colour.

3. Wear with an oversized knit in winter. This is one of my favourites, as your all cosy and wrapped up but your still rocking that beautiful print as a skirt.

4. Wear with a sweatshirt. I love a sweatshirt at the moment. Id go for a tie dye or a pink Champion hoodie but a simple plain sweat in a neutral colour will help casual up the dress.

5.Opt for a wrap dress. You can wear it again in so many different ways. Open over a T-shirt and  jeans like a kimono or over a bikini.

6. Wear with sandals and a headband on holiday. Its Instant holiday glam and is dressed down in flats.

7. Upcycle - If its a maxi length, go to your local dry cleaners and get it taken up a few inches so its a midi. An Instant new dress that you can wear in different ways.

I hope you've all enjoyed reading. Let me know how you re wear your dresses and share to anyone needing that little inspiration.


L x