Wearing Print And Staying In

All about the 'JOMO'

What is ‘JOMO’? I hear you ask… Its basically the new ‘FOMO’

Its to have the ‘Joy of missing out’ feeling rather then the ‘Fear of missing out’. And the feeling to have joy is so  much nicer then feeling fear lets be honest, so whats not to love.

‘JOMO’ is the complete opposite to ‘FOMO’. You want to stay in, switch off social media,  you do not care what everyone else is up to. You want to chill, watch a box set on netflix, eat! and in my case have a glass of wine. Whatever your downtime is, its basically that, without broadcasting it on instagram.

Switching off and ‘unplugging’...

is becoming more and more popular, with the never ending pressures of keeping up to date with everything and everyone. People are seeing the benefits of staying in, relaxing and feeling loads better for it.

Be in the moment, be comfortable and allow yourself to stop.

PJ's Never Looked So Good

Olivia Von Halle

'JOMO' has filtered through to fashion and in particular night and loungewear...

if your anything like me, when I plan to stay in and 'unplug' for the night, I want to put on some comfy's. We all have them and their not always the nicest. My faves are my old Nike joggers a hoodie and a vintage Nasa Tee.

Fashion brands are aware of all this and whats happening in the current social market. They saw a gap to bring out reworked loungewear, making it more appealing and enjoyable to wear. So it feels more of a treat to stay at home then to miss out on whatever is going on.

Printed sets have been huge recently and I have definitely seen a growth in these, with high end and high street tapping into this trend. Smaller independent brands have launched basing their whole identity and products around sleep and loungewear.

Here are some of my favourite printed sets out there...

Desmond And Dempsey

Soleia Print Multi

Desmond And Demspey

'A guy and girl making pyjamas'

A lovely couple who’s idea came from wanting to make his shirt for her. They then added more feminine details and beautiful quirky prints.

I love their animal drawings and relaxed fit. The tiger print is my absolute favourite. This is definitely a fun print brand, who doesn’t take life to seriously.

The Tigers Def On My Wishlist

Sansindo Tiger Print
Howie Print
The Bromley Parrot Print
Sansindo Tiger Print

Olivia Von Halle

For the Luxurious

'Coming home from evenings partying with friends, Olivia would long to ditch her sky-high heels and constricting outfits for something glamorous enough to enjoy a gin and tonic in before sliding off to bed' - Sounds idylic!

These printed beauties are Inspired by the lounging pyjamas worn by Coco Chanel and blurring that line between nightwear and ready-to-wear.

Their gorgeous tiger robe was seen on Villanelle in the latest season of Killing Eve and that Zebra PJ has been a hot favourite on Insta.



Olivia Von Halle

Hesper Fox

ALL ABOUT THE Beautiful prints

Launched in 2016, Hesper Fox is a London-based sleep, lounge and resort wear brand with an identity anchored firmly in print-led design, inspired by an enduring love of travel, colour and the arts.

With their passion for print, each design is carefully hand-painted. Beautiful designs aimed for Sunday brunches are all printed on silk.

They are also famous for their beautiful 'Fox' eye masks. Follow on insta for funny lazy quotes.

Those Amazing Fox Eye Masks

Hesper Fox - Confetti Collection

From Left to Right - Mimosa collection, Lisbon collection, Feather collection, Kitsune sleep mask

Love Stories

Making Pjs sexy not sex

Love stories came from an idea to change up lingerie. The creative behind this brand was frustrated with nothing she wanted to wear on the shelves in her local department store.

Today Love Stories offer lounge and sleep wear with a hint of sexy but with comfort being the most important part. Beautiful animal and non prints in beautiful colours and fabrics.

'Each collection is a mix & match extravaganza of prints and patterns.'

Audrey H
Edie S
Jude L

New Collaboration - Love Stories X H&M

Now for the 'JOMO' Checklist

Some tips that help me
  1. 1 .Practise Saying No

  2. 2. Switch Off The Tech

  3. 3. Allow Yourself To Daydream (Its When We Get Our Most Creative Ideas)

  4. 4. Watch That Box Set You've Been Dying To See Netflix

  5. 5. Pasta - Always A Good Idea

  6. 6. Fresh Pyjamas - Printed Obvs

  7. 7. Fluffy Socks

  8. 8. Light A Candle And Listen To Music

  9. 9. Read 

  10. 10. Give Yourself Permission To Be Where You Are (And Don't Feel Guilty For Doing So)

And thats a wrap on my new favourite thing 'JOMO'.

I hope Ive inspired you to take some time to yourself without feeling guilty for it. And to wear a fab pair of printed PJ's.

L x

With thanks for the images from Hesper Fox, Love Stories, Olivia Von Halle and Desmond and Dempsey.