Is Renting Your Wardrobe The Best Way To Be Sustainable?

And How I Tried It Out For My Recent Holiday

How many times have you bought an outfit for an event, a holiday or lets face it these days, just an average night out? And how many times have you worn it since?

I know I can be guilty of this. I've even done this recently before I was going on holiday. I did a mad dash around the shops as I was convinced I didn't have enough 'holiday' clothes. The classic… ‘I have nothing to wear’

And I know I'm not alone in this, Why do we do it?

We are a nation where fast fashion is everywhere and lets face it dirt cheap. Instagram is forcing us to post constantly, with the average person only posting the same outfit once, maybe twice, and in total wearing it 3 times

But with the recent facts about what fashion is doing to our planet, we desperately need to change these bad habits.

Luckily I didn’t buy anything on my mad run around Oxford Street as I woke up and thought what am I doing. Im only going to wear this once because as soon as I'm back its autumn. And none of the clothes I saw I ‘loved’ and saw longevity in.

So…. I wanted to seek another alternative. I wanted to still feel like I had something new to wear but at the same time I wanted to be kind to the planet and not add to the ever growing problem.

The solution: Clothing Rental


You could look this good for a fraction of the price....

You don't have to completely go cold turkey and not buy anything new. Rent instead, its basically the same as online shopping and returning... and lets face it we all do that...

Why should we change our shopping habits?

Here in the UK we aren’t the best when it comes to shopping. We have everything and anything available to us. More and more fast fashion brands are launching all the time. With competitive prices throughout, It makes those 'impulsive buys' too easy. 

The value of unused clothing in our wardrobes has been estimated at £30 billion. With an estimated £140 million of clothing going to landfill annually in the UK alone.

And with 4 out of 10 people saying they bin unwanted clothes rather than repairing or recycling them, no wonder our landfill is at that number. 

This throwaway culture is having such a negative effect to the planet, we need to slow down and think about that next purchase and make it last.

Slow fashion not fast fashion - Or lets rent!

Slow fashion not fast fashion
where our clothes we 'throw away' end up

How clothing rental works?

Renting Clothes

You choose your outfit online and check its available on the date you need it for. It's then exactly like online shopping, you enter your delivery details and pay. You receive your outfit and It's as exciting as receiving a new piece of clothing. Wear it, enjoy it. Then you return it as you would your ASOS parcel to the post office. You can choose how long to have the item for, the longer the time period the more it costs. And on some sites you can add an insurance fee incase of any damages.

Renting Out Your Clothes

This is where you can earn some money by renting out your own clothes. Some rental brands offer this service. It's like a beautiful version of eBay or Depop where it’s essentially a market place for renters. You have your own page and others have the choice to rent out your clothes. While you sit back and make some extra cash.

Hurr Collective

Hurr Collective

Hurr seems the place to be for clothing rental, which launched last year with a wait list to even get into the site. It's based on a peer to peer platform, where you rent clothes from other people. This is such great concept as there are so many beautiful clothes to choose from.  It has that mid range price point covered, expect to see Ganni, Rixo and The Vampires Wife all in one place. So I had to sign up, I now rent off others and rent out my own dresses and I can highly recommend. Perfect for events, weddings or trying new styles you don't want to commit to buying.

Hurr Collective - What You Can Rent...



Hirestreet is everything you want from the high street but at a fraction of the cost. Meaning it's definitely on the more affordable end. You do not need to be a member and the service they offer is very quick. This is who I used to rent clothes for my holiday, as I could get them the next day and it was so easy and affordable. Brands include, Dancing Leopard, Ivy and Hope and Finders Keepers.

Hirestreet - What You Can Rent...

My rental - Dancing Leopard
seven wonders
Rent instead
@elizabatten in rixo

My wardrobe HQ

My wardrobe HQ is for people renting and for people renting out their own wardrobe. A key difference to these guys is, you can rent anything from 1 day to 1 year. You also have the opportunity to buy the item if the buyer allows it. They offer mid price to high end clothing. Everything from Gucci to Self Portrait. Again this is a members site, once your in your in. Im waiting for that invitation code!

My Wardrobe HQ - What You Can Rent...

Dresses available to rent
Slow fashion
Gold Gucci heels yes please

Nothing To Wear

Nothing to wear were one of the first out there in the UK offering a rental service on designer pieces. You can rent designer and vintage items for 15% of their retail price, and choose from a wide variety of style and sizes. This is an easy site to use as you don’t need to sign up or become a member, you just select the date you need an outfit for and it collates all the available styles for you. They offer high end luxury pieces. Designers such as Fendi, Chloè and Christian Dior.



Nothing To Wear - What You Can Rent...

Vivienne Westwood

8 Reasons Why Renting Your Wardrobe Is A Good Idea

1. You save money

Renting an outfit will cost you a fraction of the full price. Meaning you can rent more then you could afford to buy. And you won’t have that guilt feeling of only wearing something once. Win Win.

2. You can try different styles and trends

Because you're saving money, you can try different styles and have fun with it. You return the outfit without making a commitment to a certain style. Trends come and go, keep the buying for staple wardrobe pieces.

3. You can make money

I love the idea renting out my own wardrobe. You can earn some extra cash renting, instead of your clothes gathering dust in your wardrobe. Your ‘wrong season’ dress may be someones perfect getaway outfit.

4. You plan your outfits better

You will start to think differently about buying on an impulse. You have to plan and think when you will want a new outfit. Meaning you will think twice about that mad online shop before an event.

5. You can rent vintage statements 

Says it all really. Take the stress out of trawling through vintage or not knowing where to look. You can rent a beautiful vintage piece for a fraction of the price. And most of all its unique and you won’t look like anyone else.

6. You can help the environment

A big one! We have to try and change our fast fashion buying habits to help save the planet. If we rent we are not adding to this huge problem, as the item can be worn again and again.

7. You have fun

It's so fun! It's like an online order coming to your door and we all love that. But without the guilt, and if you're renting something you normally would never afford like those gold Gucci shoes, whats more fun than that!

8. You save wardrobe space 

If anything like me, living in London I don’t have that dream big walk in wardrobe. My wardrobe is tiny and clustered. Renting frees up space for staple considered pieces. And then you can rent the fun trend led pieces.

And thats a wrap... I'm going to rent again for any events or parties I have coming up and I'll post my outfits. Why don't you give it a try? Even just once... And let me know how you get on.

Please share to get the word out there, thanks,

L x