Trend Direction

I want to take the hard work away from you. 

I offer detailed trend reports focussed on print and colour. I can provide key round up reports or I work with you to tailor it for your brand and customer.

I offer Catwalk reports, future trend direction and key event reports. This includes social movements, festivals, exhibitions, travel and blog reports. If you require a specific report I can work with you to deliver this.

Giving your brand a boost start for all your creative needs.

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Print Design

I am a professional senior print designer with 11 years experience working across the high street. Im available for freelance work or commissioned based work where I can work on a brief.

Many print teams do not have the time to design due to meetings and day to day requirements. I have the time to be focussed on designing and can help your brand with customer focused prints. 

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Print & Trend Consulting

I offer my trend reports, print design and expertise as a freelance consultant. I can be your in-house print expert to guide, educate and coach your creative teams. 

I also give advice and feedback on designs, trends and colourways. The benefits will save you time and create brand right prints.

I can help brief and manage print artworks. While giving new ideas on how to make them commercially right for your brand. 

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