New Season – A Garden Of Florals

From catwalk to high street, the latest blooming trend

Without a doubt, every season, fashion presents us with its new take on the floral print...

For this autumn it comes in its masses. Every floral from pretty to grunge.

As a print designer, one of the most popular prints to design is a floral. I've designed everything from a painted oversized floral to a graphic ditsy and everything in between. Last autumn launched it's new season with a sea of animal print. At the time, it was refreshing and new compared to the amount of florals that we had in the summer months. Animal print came in all different scales and colours. Even designers looked for a “new’ animal pattern, such as a cow or crocodile print to keep up with the demand and love for this growing trend.

Autumn is fast approaching...

Now that we are coming into autumn 2019 (dare I say it), New collections and prints are slowly dropping into our stores. Although lets just watch.. as September no doubt will be boiling hot and we will want all our summer gear out again. 




Who's ready for a new season of print?

As always retailers and brands drop their autumn transitional collection in June and July, straight after the summer sale. It's always a tricky time, as the weather is still warm but customers are ready for new products. This is where the term ‘buy now where now’ comes strongly into place. Retailers need to be offering a new shape, a print and a fabric that is new season but is also right for the time of year. Sun ready and rain ready!

I've pulled together key print trends for the season and have done some digging and found some beautiful prints out there...

Erdem AW19

Pretty In Print

Buy now wear now

With the return of femininity seen on the A/W catwalks, Pretty florals in soft colours are really important for this in between season.

This pretty floral can be worn now in the sunshine with sandals or trainers and then later in the season with a knitted roll neck and jeans. Look for poppy brights  on light grounds or detailed florals if you want a more romantic look.

Spriggy garden florals are key for this look, with lots of spacing. This makes it a easy print to wear as its not too in your face. Perfect if you want to wear a floral print but the colour of the print does most the talking.



Pretty In Print - Catwalk Inspiration

Whats New In The Shops...

Bernadette Antwerp
Bernadette Antwerp
Les Reveries
Stine Goya

Vintage Blooms

raid your granny's wardrobe

Carrying on with the feminine feel, vintage inspired florals have been bubbling around for a while. Showing on the A/W catwalks, designers are using old vintage fabrics to create their garments. With a big rise in people buying vintage, its no wonder why retailers and brands are recreating this nostalgia trend in brighter modern styles.

There's a real 70's feel to the vintage prints this season. Mix your snakeskin boot with your ditsy floral maxi dress.

Look for clustered rose prints with hardly any spacing. Ditsy floral's in new colours and mix and match prints to create your own style.

Vintage Blooms - Catwalk Inspiration

Whats New In The Shops...

Les Reveries
Stine Goya
Lily & Lionel
Faithful The Brand
Faithfull The Brand
Stine Goya

Dark Romance

Grunge meets pretty

Dark romance is refreshingly different to the other floral trends for the season, here everything has gone dark and romantic with a hint of grunge. Everything thats sweet has now got more bite.

The florals are larger scale in bold colours on dark grounds. On the catwalk they are worn with heavy boots, black tights and different textures such as leather or latex. Think 80's shapes mixed with 90's grunge.

Look for hand painted florals in bold reds or pinks. The flower does not need to be perfectly drawn, giving it a more rebellious look. Also photographic florals are making a come back. Again do not go for the perfect look, you want it to have an edge.



Dark Romance

Whats New In The Shops...


Bernadette Antwerp

Bernadette Antwerp
The Kooples

Tips To Nail The A/W Floral Trend

If you want to that is

1. Look for light coloured ground prints in shapes with sleeves. This will take you from summer to autumn. Wear with sandals now and boots and a roll neck later.

2. Go for spaced out florals on a coloured or black ground. Smaller spriggy florals and ditsys are easier to wear.

3. If you go for a black ground, make sure its on a lighter fabric that you can wear now. You want your prints to last you and be versatile whatever the weather.

4. Go vintage shopping to find yourself a unique print.

5. 70's florals in retro colours are for the more daring but pairing it with something current will be an easier way for you to wear.

6. Rusts, oranges and yellows are the colours of the season. Layer up later in the season with knitwear.

And we have come to the end of floral mania. I hope you've been inspired to wear some flowers. Please like and share to any print lovers.


L x

With thanks to The Impression for their images of the catwalk shows.