9 Ideas How To Stay Creative In These Surreal Times

and nailing working from home

We are currently living through some unheard of and difficult times, most of us are working from home or spending most our time inside.

This is not the norm, and it’s something we have never been used to and lets be honest its tough. Especially if you’re in the creative industry, as this might be a really scary time for you, financially or for your job security. However, now entering a new month and week 3 in lockdown (stills feels crazy saying that) it’s starting to feel a little more, dare I say it, ‘normal’.

So looking for the positives to come out of this, I wanted to post some ideas on how to keep creative and how to keep our minds thinking forward.

Lets all hope something great may be on the other side.

1. Move your body

Instagram these days seems filled with ‘the workout I did today’ and this can feel like a lot of pressure. But moving your body in any way can really help shift your mindset to be more positive. But don’t over think it, go for a walk or stretch your limbs, even have a dance in your bedroom. There are lots of online workouts at the moment varying in length and ability, so whatever's your bag give something a try.

2. Draw & paint

You may have your paints and pens out already but this can really help get those creative juices flowing. Try a new style you’ve always admired or learn a new technique. It’s great for the mind too, getting lost in a painting can make the hours fly by. Try and make it not part of your day to day work, for example, design a wall hanging for your home.

3. Update your portfolio

This is something we all want to keep updated regularly, but lets be honest it’s only when a potential new job arises we get round to it. You could use this time to research different layouts or styles and how you improve yours. It is important to keep your portfolio current, do you need a website? Or more of a social media presence? This is the perfect time to perfect these.

4. Get dressed and ready

Pj’s are a no no for the working day. Getting ready and dressed can lift your mood instantly and in turn make you have a productive day. Yes, you may have some days where you can’t be bothered and thats ok. Accept how you feel and try another day, I am positive your mood will change. This can set you up for the day ahead with routine and structure.

5. Set limits around news and social media

In these unfamiliar times it is important to set yourself limits when it comes to checking your phone. I know I am guilty of scrolling endlessly since the lockdown has started, but I don’t feel good after it, and my day is definitely less productive. Set yourself time limits, for example 9am, 12pm etc and check the news only once a day and ideally not just before bed.

6. Write it down/Make a list

With everything going on right now and with worries surrounding work and money, thoughts can be going in overdrive. Instead of letting it manifest, write your thoughts down. It could be good to start your day with a gratitude list, feeling content with the little things in your life can make a huge impact to your day to day. Make a plan for the day or week ahead, big or small. Everything from ‘go for a walk’ to ‘update website’, ticking it off is great for the mind

7. Declutter & tidy your workspace

Make yourself an inviting and tidy space to work. Think about what makes you happy and what visually will help you want to work. It is also good to keep your computer desktop tidy, I know I am constantly screenshotting and downloading images. Clean this up once a week it will make a huge difference. A tidy space is a tidy mind.

8. Find a short course online/learn a new skill

In these uncertain times, you may find yourself with more time on your hands wondering what's the best use of your day. There is nothing more rewarding than learning a new skill, wether it be an online course or a new hobby. It can feel great to get your teeth stuck into something new, and who knows it may lead onto something bigger.

9. Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel like doing nothing

And to finish off with an important one. There is so much pressure at the moment online and through social media to be doing ‘something’. Workouts, cooking, building a new career, you name it it’s out there. But remember it’s only the good stuff we get to see, so take it with a pinch of salt. This is a strange time and there is nothing wrong with taking your time getting used to it all. Doing nothing and looking after yourself mentally is an amazing achievement in itself. So don't feel pressure if you're not ready yet (or never ready) it's ok to just be.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and feel inspired to keep looking forward. And importantly be kind to yourself and others.

L x

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