Lizzy Alexander

Hi, I'm Lizzy. Welcome to my home of everything print. Imagine a room in a house with print everywhere, the sofa, the wallpaper, lamps, carpet ... you get the gist, well that's what I kind of want to show here.

I am on a mission to inspire and educate you to really love print and make it fun. I want to excite you and for you to embrace who you are through new trends and evoke your inner creativity. If you love print and colour, I hope I can inspire and help to feed your creativity.

Own your personality

Every person has their own style personality and with all of the trends the high street scream at us, sadly our personality doesn’t shine through. There are so many magazines and instagramers telling us what you should wear or have. This is not what I am here to do, I will be real and honest. No posy ‘influencer’ shots from me. Just real and happy … I only want to offer my positive views and ideas, and help you to show your personality through (yes you guessed it) PRINT.

About me

I fell in love with design after a creative journey through my childhood years. Always doodling on my Converse, screen printing my own Andy Warhol T-shirts and even painting a mural on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager (my dad was not happy!). This led me to study Printed Textiles and Surface Decoration at university which I absolutely loved and my creativity and love for print grew. After graduating, I interned for free for quite a few months (standard for designers) but eventually I landed my first design job working for a high street supplier. This is where I really began to put my passion into action, producing designs for the likes of Marks & Spencer. I then moved on and progressed within my career to work as a print designer for fashion brands such as Arcadia and New Look. I have learnt an awful lot in the past 11 years as a print designer - the good, the bad and some ugly.

Trend & Print

I love coming up with new trends and prints and will often spend hours researching, trawling vintage stores and finding new colour combination’s. From there, I transform my ideas into inspiring trend boards or my own prints which I design by hand. I like to be hands on and not stuck behind a desk, always attending creative events and talks to continually learn and be inspired.

I’m also a big supporter of clothing sustainability and would love to see an end to fast fashion. You don’t need endless racks of clothes to feel good about yourself; a carefully-crafted selection of bold colours and quality pieces can be all it takes to make you feel like the best version of you.

Working with me

Please do get in touch if you would like to work together. I'm a professional print designer, offering trend direction and have worked with many teams in different environments. Please take a look at my services page for more details.